Is there some problem with your Apple MacBook keyboard? Probably has got stuck or even broken. Is it the classic white case or the high end black case Apple MacBook? Creative IT is a laptop repair and service company situated in London, UK and can fix all your Apple MacBook keyboard problems (Apple MacBook 13-inch White 2.0GHz, Apple MacBook 13-inch White 2.16GHz and Apple MacBook 13-inch Black 2.16GHz). We have been in the business of all types of computer repair and are a well equipped IT service provider in United Kingdom with a state of the art workshop at 69 Enid Street, London.

Apple MacBook Keyboard RepairApple MacBook is absolutely designed for your mobile lifestyle — with Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 1GB of memory, and larger hard drives in all models. Creative IT can handle all Apple MacBook keyboard problems and can solve problems with individual keys or that involving the entire keyboard segment. Expert MacBook liquid damage repair and diagnostic support is also provided. We have tie ups with leading hardware distributors and manufacturers to get you any genuine replacement if and when required. We have many years of experience in handling all types of computers, laptop/notebook hardware and our technicians are qualified professionals who have vast experience in troubleshooting and repair.

Apple MacBook keyboards are different from those of the earlier Apple laptop models as the MacBook’s individual keys are of a sunken design and each key is individually integrated with the casing thereby making it not just removable like in other models. Hence it needs to be handled carefully and professionally. Creative IT has a team of dedicated and highly skilled technicians and engineers who can provide a personalized service by coming over to the clients location and getting your laptop repaired. Only if necessary for detailed analysis and repair, will the equipment be taken to our workshop in Central London to be delivered back within 48 hours.

At Creative IT, our technicians make it a point to clean up all interior parts of the keyboard while providing the Apple MacBook keyboard repair service. Only after giving an estimate and taking the confirmation from the client do we start work on the system. Our expert advice on maintenance from technicians is always welcome by our clients and they find it invaluable in keeping the keyboards in good condition. All our services come with a guarantee.

Creative IT can be contacted in London, UK at 020 7237 6805; or you can send us an e-mail at for more details relevant to our Apple MacBook keyboard repair.