Struggling with your non-functioning Apple iBook G4? Then look no further than Creative IT. Creative IT, located at 69 Enid Street in London, is a full service IT servicing company in the UK. We are a trusted name in providing fast, efficient, and lasting solutions to any sort of problems that affect your PC, laptops, notebooks and servers including those associated with Apple iBook G4 throughout United Kingdom.

iBook G4 Repair UKFor a vast inventory of Apple iBook G4 parts and the best Apple iBook G4 repair in UK, opt for Creative IT as your one-stop shop for all your needs. With our onsite and off-site service facility, we can diagnose and resolve most Apple iBook G4 problems and issues within a short span of time and that too at affordable prices. Here at Creative IT, we provide professional repair work for all Apple iBook G4 models including iBook G4 800 MHz, iBook G4 933 MHz, iBook G4 1 GHz, iBook G4 1.2 GHz, iBook G4 1.33 GHz and the iBook G4 14″ 1.42 GHz SuperDrive model.

Some of our UK Apple iBook G4 repair and upgrade services which we provide include logic board repair, LCD screen replacement, iBook G4 DC-In Board repair, USB and audio / video port repair, battery replacement, combo and super drive upgrades, hard drive upgrades, Apple wireless airport card upgrade, software installations and upgrades, data recovery, virus removal, keyboard repair and RAM upgrades.

At Creative IT, we have a specialized workforce providing expert service in repairs, maintenance, complete rebuilds, and upgrades. We will arrive in your home or office, and at your convenience to assist you with your specific Apple iBook G4 repair and upgrade needs. Our aim is to provide our customers with the excellent Apple iBook G4 repair services in UK and also to provide tools, and knowledge to make best use of the use of their iBook G4 laptops for personal or business use.

Are you interested in finding more about our Apple iBook G4 repairs? Then take a few minutes to explore our website For further details and clarifications on our UK iBook G4 repairs, call Creative IT at 0207-237-6805 or send us an e-mail at