Is your Sony Vaio PCG laptop LCD screen damaged ‘ Has the display become unsteady or even blank ‘ If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, you need Sony Vaio PCG LCD screen repair services from Creative IT. In addition to being professional IT technology consultants, we are also a prominent laptop and computer repair company based in London, UK. We can undertake LCD screen repairs for the entire Sony Vaio PCG laptop series.

Some of the Sony Vaio PCG series laptop models we specialize in as part of our London, UK Sony Vaio PCG Screen Repair and Sony Vaio PCG LCD Screen Replacement services:

Sony Vaio PCG Screen RepairCreative IT is well-equipped to fix such varied LCD screen faults as scratches on the screen, a cracked display, flickering of the screen, pattern of lines (horizontal or vertical) across the display, low contrast display, dim display, fuzziness of picture, lifeless screens, red screen, problems with the LCD cable, and other faults. All we need is the exact part number to go with the original screen and we can do the needful repairs with no difficulty whatsoever.

Here at Creative IT, we have got a team of highly qualified service engineers who can also perform Sony Vaio LCD screen repairs on any series of Sony Vaio whether it be A, AR BX, C, G, FE, FJ, FZ, N, SZ, TX or Z Series. Our professional service engineers first review the damage to the Sony Vaio LCD screen to ensure the correct procedure for repair. After that you are given an estimate of the expected repair costs. We begin repairing your Sony Vaio PCG screen only with your full consent.

Creative IT is committed to giving you highly proficient and professional Sony Vaio PCG LCD screen repair services with quick turnaround times and at affordable rates. With many years of experience in LCD panel repair, even the most complicated repairs become easy in our hands.

Most of the repairs can be done onsite. If a detailed study of the damage to the Sony Vaio LCD screen is required, we take the laptop back to our state-of-the-art service repair centre in Central London and return the fully serviced laptop to you within 48 hours. To know more about our London, UK Sony Vaio PCG LCD screen repair from Creative IT, simply e-mail us at or dial 020 7237 6805.